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On Having a Puppy Out of Wedlock

Everyone thinks I’m a villain like Cruella, but I’m just trying to stay sane.

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The Most Popular ‘Wedding Songs’ You Should Not Play at Your Wedding

Come on, you have to know better than to play “Every Breathe You Take.”

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Going Plural: Making the Jump From ‘Me’ to ‘We’

When I was single, my skin would literally crawl when my coupled friends would talk about their lives in the “we.”

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How to Convert a Bed-Making Denier in 5 Easy Steps

Think outside the box spring!

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10 Ways to Save a Scorched Pot

And it’s always the good pot, isn’t it?

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Bikeproof Your Commute With These Clever Lifehacks for Cyclists

Because the crotch of my jeans leaves nothing to the imagination, and that’s not office appropriate.

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Till Dust Sofa

Gettin’ Busy On The Furniture: A Stain Removal Guide

Cleaning the aftermath of the heat of passion.

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No One Looks Forward to Doing Dishes, But You Can Make It Less Horrible

The bad news is that you still have to wash them.

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How These Three Teams of Cofounding Couples Make It Work

Work, when your partner is really your partner.

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These Adorable Elopement Announcements Will Make You Forget You Weren’t Invited to the Wedding

Did you get your non-invite in the mail today? Eloping has become seriously complex.

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Hair, There, Everywhere! Part Two: Drains.

You wanted your pipes cleaned out?

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Six Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Registry

Don’t wind up with 15 butter knives.

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Everything We’ve Learned About Double Dating

Do you think they liked us? I think they liked us.

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Book Your Wedding at a Park or Museum and Save Serious Money

Some venues can even get you a tax break for your ceremony.

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15 Things We Learned From Our First Serious Relationship

These gems of advice from Redditors show you how to love as only an anonymous male internet commenter can.

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Couple kissing in park

A Definitive Ranking of Types of PDA, From Least to Most Disgusting

Here are 50 ways to express your affection in public — some of which are more horrifying than others.

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Hair, There, Everywhere! Part One: Floors

Everything you need to know about cleaning up hair from the floor.

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Wedding Planners Tell All: 11 Things They Wish Brides-to-Be Knew

Take notes, ladies.

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How to Stop the Crazy Person Who’s Trying to Stop Your Wedding

Speak now or forever hold your peace, Wikihow.

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Turns Out Your Mom Doesn’t Actually Want Cards or Flowers for Mother’s Day

To be fair, that’s what they got last year. And the year before that.

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