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Molly Fitzpatrick

If you want sex, dating, and relationship advice from a woman who once vacuumed her own foot, you've come to the right place. Other areas of expertise include New Jersey, cheeseburgers, old Hollywood, and tragicomic sports bloopers.

These Are the Very Best and Very Worst Sleeping Positions for Couples

A practical guide.

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Peanut butter bacon Pop-Tart

I Want to Make an Honest Woman of These Peanut Butter Bacon Pop-Tarts

Order some of your own at Ted’s Bulletin in D.C.

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10 Horror Stories of Over-Protective Dads Meeting Their Daughters’ Dates

“My stepfather tells every new guy that he’s going to take them ‘fishing at night.’ I don’t really know what it means.”

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Country baby names

These Countries Inspire the Most Baby Names in America

“America” only narrowly makes the top three.

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These Right Here Are the 11 Best Donuts in America

A (minimally) scientific analysis.

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The 16 Best Entenmann’s Bakery Treats to Scoop Up While They Last

There’s no such thing as too many Pop’Ems.

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Once Upon a Time, Everyone Got Married on Wednesday

And never ever on the weekend.

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Want to Raise Ambitious Daughters, Dads? Do Your Chores

You’ll have your little girl enrolled in medical school in no time.

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You’ll Never Miss Your Cat Again, Thanks to Kittyo

Spoil your kitty from afar with this revolutionary new device.

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Bill Murray Just Became the Greatest Bachelor Party Crasher of All Time

Are stag nights always this inspirational?

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Here is a Collection of Creepy Waxen John Travolta Pointing at Things

Ah, ah, ah, stayin alive.

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Making Delicious Peanut Butter at Home Is So Much Easier Than You Think

Thanks, Alton Brown!

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A House Is Not a Home Without a Staircase That Transforms Into a Slide

This is the magic of SlideRider.

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Dad and Daughter Get ‘Fancy’ in This Awesome Iggy Azalea Lip Dub

First things first, they’re the realest.

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‘What Are You Drinking?’ Knows Exactly the Right Cocktail for You — And Will Show You How to Make It

We’ll take one of everything, thanks.

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The French Have the Best Weddings on the Planet and We Should Try to Be as Awesome


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Missed Connections: Why You Actually Should Send That Follow-Up Text

Because maybe — just maybe — you didn’t actually get my text/email/voicemail/carrier pigeon/whatever.

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Congrats to the Newly Engaged 300 Sandwiches Lady, Who Never Got Around to Making These 43 Other Sandwiches

Stephanie Smith’s boyfriend proposed after she made him only 257 sandwiches.

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This Chart Will Tell You If, Statistically, You Should Already Be Married

Tick tock.

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Couple kissing in park

A Definitive Ranking of Types of PDA, From Least to Most Disgusting

Here are 50 ways to express your affection in public — some of which are more horrifying than others.

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