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Meet the Couples Who Were Gifted Honeymoons of a Lifetime

“We did get out a bit to scuba dive, wine taste, four-wheel, and eat — a lot.”

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Meet the Happy Couple Who Changed Their Marriage with Sex Parties

“I remember a big rush seeing my wife kiss another man.”

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How This Bleeding Heart Is Still Able to Love a Die-Hard Capitalist

I dreamed about settling down with a guy who subsisted on ramen and good intentions, until I met him.

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Going Plural: Making the Jump From ‘Me’ to ‘We’

When I was single, my skin would literally crawl when my coupled friends would talk about their lives in the “we.”

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How Tea, Charity, and the London Riots Helped Me Get Together With a Wonderful Australian

AmnesTEA for two.

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These Are the Very Best and Very Worst Sleeping Positions for Couples

A practical guide.

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We Spent a Surprisingly Romantic Evening Roughing It in a French Treehouse

My bed for the night was 80 feet up a tree. And to get to that bed I would have to walk across a long rope bridge.

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My Boyfriend and I Took Our Relationship to the Next Level and Joined an Underground Supper Club

Beer and cheese aren’t the only things that pair well together.

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I Met My ‘Crazy,’ Awesome Girlfriend When She Humped a Mic Stand and Sang ‘Push It’

Some people are the right kind of crazy.

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How We Live Together: Annemarie & Craig, Staten Island

“A downpour started while we were in the park, and so he came back to my apartment — and never really left.”

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How to Meet the Love of Your Life Through Heckling and Cheesy Bread

“I am pretty sure the snack is what really clinched it for me.”

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Why Joan Didion & John Gregory Dunne Are One of History’s Greatest Couples

All the answers lie in the 40-year marriage of Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne. They had it figured out.

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No One Looks Forward to Doing Dishes, But You Can Make It Less Horrible

The bad news is that you still have to wash them.

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This Romantic Picnic Table Takes ‘Table for Two’ Extremely Literally

At the very least, it will improve your neck strength.

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How These Three Teams of Cofounding Couples Make It Work

Work, when your partner is really your partner.

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A Rare Meteor Shower Makes for a Stunning Engagement Photo Shoot

The stars aligned.

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How I Broke Off an Awful Engagement and Married the Love of My Life

“When I was around him, it was like the pull of gravity.”

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The Science of Surprise: How Doing the Unexpected Keeps You in Love

So are we all doomed to succumb to our nature and become bored with our true loves? Luckily, there’s a way out.

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Hair, There, Everywhere! Part Two: Drains.

You wanted your pipes cleaned out?

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Everything We’ve Learned About Double Dating

Do you think they liked us? I think they liked us.

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