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Country baby names

These Countries Inspire the Most Baby Names in America

“America” only narrowly makes the top three.

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Adults, Not Babies, Are the Worst Part of Air Travel

People don’t like flying with babies? No kidding, say parents.

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Why Joan Didion & John Gregory Dunne Are One of History’s Greatest Couples

All the answers lie in the 40-year marriage of Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne. They had it figured out.

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No One Looks Forward to Doing Dishes, But You Can Make It Less Horrible

The bad news is that you still have to wash them.

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How These Three Teams of Cofounding Couples Make It Work

Work, when your partner is really your partner.

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How I Broke Off an Awful Engagement and Married the Love of My Life

“When I was around him, it was like the pull of gravity.”

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An Open Letter to the Hipster Babies of Hipster Parents

Sorry about all the mustaches.

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The Science of Surprise: How Doing the Unexpected Keeps You in Love

So are we all doomed to succumb to our nature and become bored with our true loves? Luckily, there’s a way out.

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Everything We’ve Learned About Double Dating

Do you think they liked us? I think they liked us.

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I’m Addicted to 2048 and It’s Driving My Boyfriend Crazy

“I will admit to choosing 2048 over sex, but just until I finally win, then I can stop.”

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How to Meet the Love of Your Life on Twitter in a Few Easy Steps

You admit to yourself that, on any objective measure, you’ve got it bad.

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My Boyfriend Is an Instagram Celebrity

Learning to love and live with a man — and his thousands of selfie-adoring Instagram followers.

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Couple kissing in park

A Definitive Ranking of Types of PDA, From Least to Most Disgusting

Here are 50 ways to express your affection in public — some of which are more horrifying than others.

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I Love You Guys, But I Hate Your Honeyfund

Are you really, really sure I can’t get you a nice trivet or something?

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Hair, There, Everywhere! Part One: Floors

Everything you need to know about cleaning up hair from the floor.

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Don’t Invite Celebrities to Your Wedding, You Tasteless Weirdo

This is tacky, and it’s time to stop.

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I Waited in Line for an Hour at the New Nutella Bar and All I Got Was Free Nutella

Eataly opened a Nutella Bar in Manhattan last night.

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I Met My Straight Fiancé in a Gay and Lesbian Studies Class

He looked like he was either a 12-year-old boy or a very pretty woman with short hair. I thought he was beautiful.

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We Devoted a Whole Day to Consuming Aphrodisiacs. Guess Which Worked?

We skipped the oysters, because sea slugs aren’t sexy.

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How Bikes Are Putting Distance Between New York City Couples

In a city where car ownership is the exception, being in sync about biking can determine how smoothly your relationship runs.

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