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Queen of Pain: How My Marriage Survived My Illness

Tom and I are in a permanent threesome: him, my pain, and me.

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The Most Popular ‘Wedding Songs’ You Should Not Play at Your Wedding

Come on, you have to know better than to play “Every Breathe You Take.”

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Couple Marries During Oregon Wildfire, Takes Incredible Wedding Photos with the Blaze

Looking like a real-life Gone with The Wind, the pictures are surely one of a kind.

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I Don’t Know If I Want to Change My Last Name When I Get Married

Marriage is a team sport.

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Once Upon a Time, Everyone Got Married on Wednesday

And never ever on the weekend.

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Watch This Adventurous Couple Get Married Underwater in Crete

Though Renat Adykov and Maria Obryvalina had never dived before, they chose to marry in full scuba gear.

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Watch As This Man’s Graduation Speech Turns Into an Incredible Marriage Proposal

A big day gets even bigger.

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These Beautiful Vintage Honeymoon Photos Will Transport You Back to 1939

They only get better with age.

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7 Tales of Jilted Brides, Gloomy Grooms, and Other Wedding Day Disasters

Reddit has seen it all.

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This Chart Will Tell You If, Statistically, You Should Already Be Married

Tick tock.

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Chinese Gymnast Creates Incredible Wedding Photos with His Bride

Can your groom do that?

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This Funny Wedding Invitation Lists Everything That Can Go Wrong on the Big Day

“Will show up drunk and will quickly get much drunker.”

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Wedding Planners Tell All: 11 Things They Wish Brides-to-Be Knew

Take notes, ladies.

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Online Flirting Is Grounds for Divorce in France

Mon Dieu!

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How We Live Together: Peter & Andrea, Cobble Hill

It’s clear that the publishing marketer and architect make a model pair. Here’s how they make it work.

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Please Don’t Get Cosmetic Hand Surgery to Take Prettier Pictures of Your Engagement Rings

Advice we never thought we’d have to give.

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These Wooden Bow Ties Are Exactly What Your Wedding Party Needs

Go wood or go home.

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Everyone Thinks It’s Okay for a Woman to Propose Except Young People

One-third of people under 30 say it’s “unacceptable” for a woman to do the asking. What?

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Marriage License From 1903 Reminds Us That Women Were Once ‘Spinsters’ by 28

Next time you feel down on yourself for your singlehood, be glad it’s not 1903.

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Pyrotechnics, Ombré Cakes, Adorable Fist Bumps and Today’s Best Instagram Weddings

Trust us: seeing complete strangers tie the knot is going to make you really, really happy.

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