6 Beautifully Designed Picnic Gadgets for a High-Tech Summer

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Combine table

Memorial Day weekend is the start of summer: grilling, picnics, and everything al fresco. Outdoor parties are grand, but sometimes the elements act against your comfort. Nobody enjoys sunburns or 80 degree beer. Beer koozies were fine when you were an undergrad, but why not acquire a portable self-chilling keg? Winter was way too long, and you deserve every hip design on this list.

Portable beer server by GOKUREI

beer server

This Japanese-designed tap chills beer in under four minutes by simply adding water and ice to the cooling chamber. If you or your guests are particular about the amount of “head” on your beer, there’s also a lever to adjust the foam level.

Urban picnic box by Boxsal

Boxsal picnic collagSource

“Kick-push, kick-push” your skateboard through traffic toting the ultimate eco-friendly urban picnic box. Cups, plates, bowls, utensils, and a trash bag are included. The boxes may be currently sold out online but a wide variety of retailers across the country carry them.

Mon Oncle Portable BBQ by RS Barcelona

Mon oncle bbqSource

No-flame cooking: this chic tabletop BBQ grill recirculates heat to cook food. It folds up into a retro suitcase for easy transport, too.

Bamboo wine table

picnic wine tableSource

No more drinking wine out of a repurposed can to avoid spillage. Stake your wine into the ground. Room for two, plus snacks.

Outdoor living space by Walden

Walden wallSource

Nooks and crannies for everything your heart desires. There’s seating for four with an awning, elevated bird house, hanging grill, and even an upstairs napping area — yep, it’s perfect.

Collapsible picnic set by Combine

combine collapseSource

Just like a picnic Matryoshka doll, each part fits snuggly in with the last. Design Milk explains that the sustainable set “features two large bowls, a divided bowl, a pot for sauces, along with plates, cups, and coasters for six people.”