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When someone is getting ready to have children, you may be thinking of everything from baby monitors to changing tables in terms of ultimate baby shower gifts. What isn’t always said is that what really matters to new parents, and what they will appreciate most of all, is the gift of time. Instead of scrambling through different long-winded baby registries, BabyList is here to help reel in the craziness of gift-giving. BabyList is a handy tool that allows you to put anything on your baby registry from any store. After all, it isn’t about what stores say you need, it’s about what every new parent truly needs. Here are the baby gifts to give expecting parents that are practically priceless.



Being able to read actual reviews and pick through a list of caretakers, rather than relying on word-of-mouth and hoping things work out, these sites make finding time much easier. It’s not about needing a babysitter, it’s about having the option.

Food and Meal Delivery


Like Seamless, but for family meals. With just a few clicks, busy new parents don’t need to put aside a Sunday morning for grocery shopping anymore.

Home cleaning


Balancing cleaning with a happy baby is one of the biggest problems new parents have. Give the gift of peace and quiet, plus a clean house.

Diaper subscription


With the amount of diapers new parents go through, not having to lug giant packs of them down the aisle is a small piece of happiness. Take the decision making out of buying diapers. Perfect for parents who want a lot of natural, diverse options.

College savings


Giving the gift of money is always a hit. Giving the gift of a children’s future? That’s one that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Not sure you have everything you need? Try BabyList’s Baby Registry Checklist. It’s a fabulous quiz that personalizes your list for your special new baby.