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The Bibliochaise Bookshelf Chair Is a Miniature Library for Your Apartment

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If a bookshelf and a comfy chair met in a bar, hit it off, and had a baby, the result would be this chair, from furniture company Nobody & Co. It’s called the Bibliochaise, and for lazy readers (aren’t we all?), it’s the library of the future.

The Bibliochaise — which really looks more like a throne — holds five meters of books, which works out to about 300 of your favorite classics. Of course, the Dewey Decimal System just won’t do as far as organizing in three dimensions, so you’ll have to consider which books should be kept in closer reach at the elbow (the Harry Potter series) and which shameful paperbacks should be relegated to foot level (Snooki’s A Shore Thing).

Why stop at chairs? Let’s biblio-fy more furniture, like lamps, or the kitchen table. Heck, let’s just take two of these chairs, push them together into a bed, and cozy up between the covers.

[h/t Design Taxi]