These 11 Tricked-Out Showers Are the Stuff of Your Cleanest Fantasies

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Showering is one of the greatest pleasures of life. The hot water. The steam. The ritual. The comforting fake-rain sounds. These designers get that. Here are the personal sprinkler systems that dreams are made of.

The Reclining Shower

shower lying down


The Dornbracht Horizontal Shower offers the ultimate “reclining shower experience” with six “water bars” and performing three “pre-programmed choreographies.” I did not know that choreographed water bars were something I could want, but if they are, then I do. I really do.

The Aquarium Shower



Cesana’s Plano Acquario is equipped with an in-shower aquarium, so you can shower with your fish. And really, does anyone know more about showering than fish? (No.)

The Bath-Shower Hybrid



A collaboration between architect/designer Ron Arad and Italian manufacturers Teuco, the Rotator is a shower that is also a bath. If the lip is on the top, it’s a shower. If the lip is on the bottom, surprise! It’s a bath.

The 18-Shower Head Shower

18 head


The SpaWorks Hydrotherapy cleanses your body and also your sole(s) with 18 shower heads, including one under your feet.

The High-Concept Shower

ax starck shower


Hansgrohe’s Axor Starck is so elegant and minimal and sleek that you would be a fool not to install it in the middle of your living room.

The Steam Cabinet Shower

steam cabinet


With the Jacuzzi Morphosis Omega Steam Cabinet, you sit on an artfully sculpted throne while the pressure of hydromassage jets replenishes every muscle in your artfully sculpted body.

The Giant Egg Shower



Designer Arina Komarvo’s Roca Cocoon Shower Stall is like a luxury womb, except with hydro massagers and mood lighting.

The Conversational Shower

conversation shower


Duravit’s Multifunctional Shower features a pair of benches to facilitate easy and enjoyable mid-shower conversation, or mid-shower other things —  sit, relax, soak it in, talk it out.

The Disco Shower

cisal shower


The Drops Lighted Shower by Cisal turns bathing into a party, with LED lights illuminating every shimmering droplet. It’s an escape from the world, or a dance club, depending on your perspective (and your color scheme).

The Anywhere Shower

portable shower


The Pocket Shower may be the only shower that fits in your pocket. Fill it up, hang it from a tree, and enjoy seven minutes of glorious water streaming down your sunlit back.

The Au Naturale Shower

outdoor shower


The Cascade Cedar Shower by Tradewinds is a rustic-chic shower experience that doesn’t even require a bathroom. Rustic-chic shower pool-side! Rustic-chic shower lakeside! The rustic-chic possibilities are endless.