How to Meet the Love of Your Life Through Heckling and Cheesy Bread

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Claire and Alan are the couple behind @WeFoughtAbout.

Claire: Alan and I met at the Playground — an improv theatre in Chicago. We were both there watching a show, I was in the back row and Alan was in the first. The show was interesting and I was a little tipsy. Okay, actually: the show was a bizarre nightmare and I was drunk. At one point one of the actors pretended to snap another actor’s neck. In what I thought was a whisper to myself I shouted out “Oh god.” Alan turned around, we made eye contact, and both started laughing. After the show he came up and asked me if I was the “Oh god” girl. I was a healthy mix of mortified and proud to say yes. It was my drunken Disney fairytale.

After that I started seeing him everywhere, mostly because I casually showed up places I thought he would be.

Alan: I mostly remember locking eyes with Claire in the audience of a show at the Playground. I remember introducing myself to her afterwards but not much else about that conversation.

The next few days I kept seeing Claire everywhere, which struck me as so strange since we’d managed to avoid each other for over a year without ever being in the same place at the same time. By the third time we ran into each other we decided to start a joint Grooveshark account to share music with each other. It didn’t take long for me to ask around and try to figure out if she was single and everybody had conflicting answers so I didn’t know what to do. Fortunately Claire beat me to it and asked me over to hang out and have a record-listening party. I decided it was a date and showed up with wine and made a cheesy bacon bread to gnaw on. I am pretty sure the snack is what really clinched it for me.

Claire: Alan got conflicting answers because my dating life was a mess. It had managed to be a mess for years. A real woman makes her own luck, though — so I invited Alan over. I was very excited about this record-listening party (which Alan decided was a date). When the time came Alan bounded into the apartment like an insane person. Which, it turns out, he is: an adorable insane person. Throughout the night, he kept getting excited about his bread. He would get up and run into the kitchen mid-conversation. We listened to the Zombies, the B-52s, Harry Nilsson, and Janis Joplin. I played him my accordion, showed him my rock collection, and at one point he showed me his belly. Looking back, this should have never worked. I am pretty sure it’s the snack that clinched it.

1920411_10153849054070321_171886084_nOne year later he recreated the date and asked me to marry him. I fell down, cried, and yelled no out of pure confusion. Soon after I gained composure and said yes, though not enough composure to take a stunning engagement photo.

Alan: The date made a lot of weird impressions on me. I remember it in more detail than most things, and I distinctly remember us promising to each other (on the first date) that we would do our best to be honest and forthright with each other even if whatever we had to say was hard or uncomfortable. We still do that to this day. The little details — the wine (Wrongo Dongo), the music (B-52s and Janis Joplin), and the food (cheese, cheese, bacon, bread, and cheese) — were very easy to recreate for my proposal. Thank goodness she said yes. I cannot wait for our next first date.