British Millionaire Asks Ex-Wife To ‘Stay On’ As His Housekeeper

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woman cleaning the floor

A nice British millionaire asked his ex-wife if she wouldn’t mind staying on as his housekeeper after their divorce. Logical, really. Just because he’d lost his passion for her doesn’t mean he’d lost his passion for cleanliness.

According to the Telegraph, the 70-something man and his ex-wife had been divorced since the 90s, but continued to live together, because they liked each other, or because of inertia, or because of her stellar vacuuming skills, who knows? In any case, the arrangement was more or less working until about five years ago, when the gentleman moved his new girlfriend and her 12-year-old daughter into the house. At that point, he decided it would be a good idea to ask his ex-wife if she might like to stay on “as some sort of housekeeper.” But the ex-wife was less than thrilled with the new proposal, which confused the nice British millionaire: Why, he wondered, did the idea cause her to become “so aggressive”? Did she not want to fold his undies forever and ever?

Apparently, she did not. And, based on yesterday’s court ruling, she will not have to: the court has declared that she’s entitled to an $8 million divorce settlement —  nearly half of her husband’s estate. Luckily for the gentleman, that still leaves him plenty of money to hire a housekeeper he was not previously married to.

[h/t Gawker]