IKEA Officially Carries Everything Now, Including Puppies

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It used to be that you could get basically everything in the universe at IKEA except a dog. Don’t worry, though. They’ve fixed that. Now you can also get a dog.

IKEA Singapore has teamed up with a Home for Hope, a local rescue organization to help pups in need find good, IKEA-furnished homes by planting life-sized cardboard cutouts of adoptable dogs throughout the store, chillin’ on Ecktorps and beggin’ under Ingatorps. Each dog floor model comes complete with a QR code, which leads potential adopters to a short intro video — get to know a pup before jumping into anything, you know?

Because you know what goes real well with your new Söderhamn chaise longue? A dog. (And you know what is a good dog name? Söderhamn.)

[h/t Co.Design]