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This Romantic Picnic Table Takes ‘Table for Two’ Extremely Literally

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napkin table

Sometimes, you want to share a picnic with someone, because you are in love, and because it is spring. Other times, you have to share a picnic with someone, because the table is literally yoking your necks together.

The Napkin Table is a “small, lightweight portable table/bib,” designed to make “outdoor eating a convenient and social activity.” Convenient, because it comes complete with cut-out cup holders and miniature silverware pockets, and social, because it forces you to stay physically connected to you dining companion at all times. It is a statement about modernity and technology and modern dining culture, the creators explain: you cannot ignore your partner for your iPhone when you are tethered together by your picnic table. Ideally, it will improve your relationship. At the very least, it will improve your neck strength.

[h/t PSFK]