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Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day yet? If not, maybe these inspired couples will give you some ideas for how to show your valentine just what they mean to you. We combed through thousands of shots from Valentine’s Days in the past to find the biggest smiles, brightest diamonds, and most unique .

1. A Free Trip, from @pennyvalent

2. Puppy Love, from @myworldofcolor

3. Fondue Time, from @janed713

Valentine’s dinner with the Navarros @max_the_3rd @mayra_navarro #valentinesday2014 #meltingpot #delish #greattime

A photo posted by R. Jannette Castillo-Lomeli (@janed713) on

4. College Sweethearts, from @lifewithchris96

#mcm #valentinesday2014 @newoldandyoung A photo posted by Christopher (@lifewithchris96) on

5. Cupid’s Chokehold, from @chazer11

6. Tokyo Adventure, from @krystaljadexo

7. Zipline Tours, from @chellwell87

Valentine’s Day Weekend #valentinesday2014 #ziplinetours #handsomemanofmine A photo posted by chellwell87 (@chellwell87) on

8. Love in Dubai, from @fishfayce

@CitywalkDubai #ILoveCitywalkDubai #CitywalkDubai #ValentinesDay14

A photo posted by fishfayce (@fishfayce) on

9. A Walk with the Family, from @fishfayce

@CitywalkDubai #ILoveCitywalkDubai #CitywalkDubai #ValentinesDay14 A photo posted by fishfayce (@fishfayce) on

10. The Most Magical Place on Earth, from @bethjudy

My honey. #valentinesday2014 #wdw #waltdisneyworld #magickingdom

A photo posted by Beth Judy (@bethjudy) on

11. A Very Special Birthday, from @sriede

I love you with all my heart. #23rdbirthday #valentinesday2014 A photo posted by Shannen Riede (@sriede) on

12. A Dapper Day, from @ryujishiomitsu

13. Do It Homemade, from @eryanbartley

14. Go Yellow, from @rainonlymakesusbloom

15. Love in the Club, from @VibesHK

#LoveisintheAir at #RoomOne #TheMira #VibesTheMira #HongKong #ValentinesDay2014 A photo posted by VibesHK (@vibeshk) on

16. All Tatted Up, from @maglager

17. The Perfect Smooch, from @smultronstalle13

It’s you and me <3 #valentinesday2014 A photo posted by @smultronstalle13 on

18. Take a Bow, from @maikage516

Happy Valentines Day Love you Robert @bruistie

A photo posted by MAI KAGEYAMA (@maikage516) on

19. The Biggest Fans, from @pearlsky

This man helps make everyday a great one. My Valentine ❤️ @glohmann21 #happyvalentinesday2014 A photo posted by ʝɛʂʂıƈą ℘ɛąཞƖ (@pearlsky) on

20. So Glad I Met You, from @ploykaarn

So glad I met youuuu!❤️

A photo posted by A Y E ✖ P L ☻ Y k A R N (@ploykaarn) on

21. My Best Friend and Sister, from @shariiadonald

22. Say It With Ink, from @jaimeloz

#interactivegrams #happyvalentinesdaybabe #iloveyouawholebuncheezandoats @nicole_arroyo12

A photo posted by @jaimeloz on

23. In the Audience, from @iamsuperclark

#VoicesOfLove #HappyValentines2014 A photo posted by Clark Agustin (@iamsuperclark) on

24. We Know What Love Is, from @jgphotography2013


A photo posted by jgphotography2013 (@jgphotography2013) on

25. When All Else Fails, Do a Selfie, from @tevenire

Happy Valentine’s Day from me & my boo to you! #keithswife #roadtosweet16 #happyvalentinesday2014 #happywifehappylife A photo posted by iAm Tevenire | Teras <–Terez! (@tevenire) on