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Everyone knows one of the best parts of getting married is what comes after. Wanderable is an entirely new kind of honeymoon registry — a place where you can explore and register for specific adventures and experiences. Every guest has the joy of giving you something unique, specific, and memorable. With carefully curated suggestions for your ultimate getaway, features like registry design, gift wrapping, thank you cards, and an iPhone app, Wanderable wants to make sure you get the most out of your honeymoon — an unforgettable experience. We spoke with two couples who used Wanderable, travelled the world, and ended up having the time of their lives with the one they love. Because after the wedding, real love is about going places together.

Jessica & Justin


1. Why did you choose Wanderable over a standard gift registry?

We did lots of research on the available sites. We chose Wanderable over the competition based on the rates, the ability to customize the site, and how easy it was to add its link to our wedding website. I was really pleased that we could choose to absorb the fees for our guests.

2. How did your family and guests react to you using an online registry?

They thought it was a great idea! We have lived together for several years and really didn’t need the traditional wedding items. Since we already had towels, sheets and kitchen items, we wanted an experience for our wedding gift. An unforgettable honeymoon was the perfect gift for us.


3. Where did you register to travel?

We are planning on going to Hawaii! We wanted to wait a bit after the wedding to settle into married life and then head off for our amazing trip. Now that the wedding planning is over, we are so excited to start planning the honeymoon, especially knowing all the awesome adventures we have to look forward to thanks to everything our guests purchased thanks to Wanderable.


4. What was your overall Wanderable experience like? Would you suggest it to a friend?

We were totally thrilled with Wanderable. We got an email each time a guest bought us a present. Then, a few days later, we would get an adorable card in the mail with the guest’s well wishes. It was so exciting! We have recommended the site to all our friends who are getting married.

5. What was your favorite gift from your registry?

That’s a tough question! I am excited about all of them! We chose snorkeling, a waterfall hike, a luau…How could we not be excited about all of those?


Ana & Brandon


1. Why did you choose Wanderable over a standard gift registry?

I have a bit of an Amazon habit, so, I initially went on their site and combed through wedding registry ideas, other people’s registries, and my old wish lists. I even told myself to make a fantasy list, not constrained by prices or my miserly tendencies.

However, even my ‘liberated’ self could only come up with a slow cooker, a $15 table cloth, and a new bread knife. I guess that makes sense, as my fiancé and I had already been living together for two years. And we’re not really ‘stuff’ people; we own very few things that we don’t use at least monthly. So, I did some research on honeyfunds, looking for convenience, cost, and ease-of-use differences. One important thing was for us to be able to bear the cost of the registry, so our guests wouldn’t have to pay anything extra.

2. How did your family like using the registry?

Our families reacted surprisingly well. Our original plan had been to have one honeyfund registry and one ‘traditional’ one, specifically for older relatives who would feel more comfortable with that. But then we realized that the tradition in my family is to give cash gifts, and most of his family regularly use the internet. Ultimately, the family members who used the Wanderable registry really got into it. We had included a number of small gifts, so no one would feel left out, and some guests seemed to go on mini shopping sprees, even!


3. Where did you register to travel?

We went to Greece! We visited Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, and Naxos over the course of a week and a half. We really focused on taking it slow and not trying to sightsee to exhaustion. That said, as my family says, I have ants in my pants, so we did get out a bit to scuba dive, wine taste, four-wheel, and eat — a lot.

4. What was your overall Wanderable experience like? Would you suggest it to a friend?

It was great! The site was very easy-to-use and visually appealing. Everything worked as it should, and I say that as someone who often QAs sites for work. And we did suggest it to friends. Several of our friends got married not long after us, and they said they were inspired by our registry to forego a traditional one. So, we purchased one couple ‘salsa cooking and dancing’ and another couple ‘kayaking and tubing.’

5. What was your favorite gift from your registry?

No particular item: we just really appreciated our family and friends! Our families live all over, so most people had to travel to the wedding. As a result, we urged them not to get us anything at all, since we really just wanted to see everyone in one place. It was (and still is) the only time our families have ever met, actually. We have friends still in school and family members who emigrated to the US not very long ago, so the trip to the wedding itself was not insignificant. When we started getting e-mails saying how generous everyone had been, we were very surprised and grateful.