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Your wedding dress is really a single occasion type of outfit. It’s sad but true. But just because you’ve tied the knot, that shouldn’t mean that you’re completely done with your beautiful gown. There’s no need to toss out the dress after the bouquet toss! Most gowns are still in gorgeous condition, ready to see another day, another wedding, another radiant bride, so why not sell yours back to Nearly Newlywed for half the original price? You’ll be earning some cash and saving yourself some closet space, all while helping another bride-to-be find her perfect dress (at the perfect price).

Think of Nearly Newlywed as an enormous bridal boutique. As the world’s leading online destination for brides, tons of women turn to the site on their quest for the perfect dress, and you’ll see that the for-sale “rack” is filled with unique and designer gowns in a range of styles. Brides don’t have to worry about buying a once-worn wedding gown because Nearly Newlywed ensures that dresses are in excellent selling condition. And the process couldn’t be more seamless. Brides on the market can try on dresses at home and make returns in a snap, while brides looking to sell simply follow a few easy steps: just submit your dress details, then Nearly Newlywed handles the listing and connects you to possible buyers. You can expect to receive 50 to 60 percent back on your gown, too! It’s easy-peasy, especially after all of that whirlwind wedding planning.

Trust us: there’s still some mileage left in that tulle and lace confection. Even if you’d prefer not to sell your wedding dress, there are a few other savvy ways to put it to use.

1. Make Jewelry

You can wear your dress everyday — or at least you can wear parts of it. Small samples of the dress can set in charms to hang off long chains and bracelets or, depending on the cut of the gown, the collar can be removed to make an elaborate necklace.

2. Design Lingerie for your first anniversary

All of that extra silk, satin, and lace can be good for only one thing, right? Cue suggestive wink. Come to think of it, that bustier might come in pretty handy, too.

3. Scrap It for Parts

The veil, the crinoline, the bustle, the bustier — think of your wedding dress as a car. I mean, it’s expensive like a car, yes, but it can also be scrapped for parts. A veil can go with another gown. A bustier can be used with a new skirt. It depends on the make and model of your own dress — and probably the year, too, because a 1980’s meringue gown inspired by Princess Di really doesn’t work nowadays — but those spare accessories might be exactly what a fellow bride is in the market for. Ask around or check out online forums for brides on the hunt.

4. Make a Christening Gown

Make a christening gown for your future wee ones using the materials of your dress. It’s a sweet way to bring your dress to the next stage of your new family. Plus, considering how beautiful you looked on your big day, you can rest assured that the baby will look just as good.

5. Convert It Into Everyday Wear

Think of your wedding dress as a Project Runway challenge and see how you can transform it. This option requires some serious sewing skills and possibly Tim Gunn as a guide — but lucky for you, Nina Garcia will not judge when you decide to tie-dye the fabric, shorten the skirt, or cut the bodice out for a top. The more unlike a wedding dress it ends up looking, the better.