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She Said Yes

This Couple’s Zombie-Filled Proposal Was Horrifyingly Cute

Till death do us part.

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A Rare Meteor Shower Makes for a Stunning Engagement Photo Shoot

The stars aligned.

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Watch As This Man’s Graduation Speech Turns Into an Incredible Marriage Proposal

A big day gets even bigger.

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This Guy’s Epic Proposal Video Took 4 Years and 100,000 Miles

Worth it.

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Everyone Thinks It’s Okay for a Woman to Propose Except Young People

One-third of people under 30 say it’s “unacceptable” for a woman to do the asking. What?

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Scott and Sarah

This Couple Just Became the First to Get Engaged at the New 49ers Stadium, Before It Even Opened

Congratulations, Scott and Sarah!

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Surprise Proposal

Stranger Spontaneously Captures Couple’s Rainy Day Proposal on a Manhattan Sidewalk

The right place at the right time.

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Marathon proposals

These Boston Marathon Finish Line Proposals Will Make You Feel Feelings

Boston Strong.

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Everyone You Know Got Engaged This Easter, the Surprising New Proposal Holiday

Christmas is so four months ago.

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These Awesome Urban Engagement Photos Let the City Be the Star

Cleveland is stunning through Jason Crocker’s lens.

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This Couple Learned the Hard Way About the Danger of Proposing Next to a Pond

Sharif Uddin and Stephanie Jackson spent two and a half hours digging through mud to find their dropped engagement ring.

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This Proposal in a Hot Air Balloon Ended in Disaster (Don’t Worry, No One Was Hurt)

This is what it looks like when a proposal goes up in flames — literally.

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This Gorgeous Engagement Ring Has A Teeny, Tiny Built-In Slide Projector

It doesn’t get more personal than this.

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These Gorgeous Images Captured a Proposal Inside a Magnificent Ice Cave

This is why we should all date photographers.

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Runner GPS proposal

This Boston Runner Pulled Off the Sweetest, Sweatiest Proposal Ever

His girlfriend thought they were just going for a jog.

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Adorable Firefighter Stages a Fake Fire Drill to Propose to His Schoolteacher Girlfriend

Safety first.

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These Boxers Stopped Their Fight to Propose to Their Girlfriends

Punch-drunk love, literally.

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10 Couples Who Found True Love on Instagram

For these 10 couples, Instagram “likes” blossomed into real-life love.

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These Are the Most Expensive Engagement Rings Ever Purchased

One British pound is equal to $1.67. You do the math.

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People are Already Proposing on Secret, the New Anonymous Social App

The iPhone app lets you share your deepest thoughts anonymously — perfect for would-be proposers.

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